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When will my trees be planted?

Trees are planted during the planting season which runs from October to March each year. Therefore, due
to the planting season, and the fact that the planting on each site is large scale, it is possible that trees you dedicate will already have been planted.

How will I know which are my trees?

To ensure that the community woodland sites stay as natural as possible, individual trees are not marked
in any way.

Can the same trees be dedicated twice if the woodland becomes full?

No, Community Forest Trust ensures that the same tree will not be dedicated twice. None of the sites have had all the trees within them dedicated, but when the sites become full we will find other sites for you to dedicate trees in.

What is the money spent on?

Rather than your donation being used for specific trees, your support contributes to the establishment and management of the whole woodland! Donations towards our Dedicate a Tree scheme are vital to the work of Community Forest Trust and help to sustain many aspects of the work of The Mersey, Red Rose Forest and Pennine Edge Forests.

Will trees be replaced if they die?

Yes, trees are planted if needed to ensure the woodland is maintained. All our woodlands are managed as native woodlands; therefore the eventual removal of some trees through thinning as part of good management is part of the natural cycle of woodland management.

What type of trees do you plant?

The trees are all native to the North West. The species planted include Rowan (or Mountain Ash), Oak, Field Maple, Alder, Beech, Silver Birch, Holly and Ash.

To ensure that trees are suitable for the area, there are no large seeded species (Oak or Beech) in Roughleys Wood or Jubilee Wood as these are red squirrel buffer zones.

If you would like further information on the species of trees in each site, please contact Jess on 0161 872 1660 or jessb@cf-trust.org

Online Store |  FAQs