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Eco-Friendly Wedding

Have you got enough toasters already? Why not celebrate your special day the eco-friendly way by asking friends and family to dedicate trees.

Celebrate Life

Celebrate the birth of your child with the creation of a woodland. Imagine a sunny afternoon stroll through your dedicated woodland, watching the trees grow and mature as your child grows and matures. What's more, by supporting tree planting projects you will be giving your children and your children's children the gift of clean air.

In Memory

Dedicating a tree is a beautiful and permanent way of remembering your loved ones. Rather than sending flowers for a funeral, why not ask people to dedicate a copse of trees near where you live.

Register your details with us and we will give you a code for your friend and family to use on the checkout page. This means we can then track all dedications made in celebration of your event. Each dedication will receive a certificate and we will also send you a summary of the personal messages written for you.

Online Store |  Bespoke packages